Monday, May 19

Westerholm Kids' Summer Bible Curriculum

My boys (Ethan, almost 6 and Owen, almost 4) are getting done with school and are going to be home for a 13-week summer vacation. My wife and I sat down last night and came up with a plan for some summer bible teaching.

The Books:

Big Picture Story Bible - by David R. Helm (Author), Gail Schoonmaker (Illustrator)
Big Book of Questions and Answers - by Sinclair Ferguson
The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name - by Sally Lloyd-Jones (Author), Jago (Illustrator)

The Plan:

Week 1: Creation- Memory verse Genesis 1:1
Day 1-Big Picture Bible; Part 1
Day 2-Big Picture Bible; part 2
Day 3-Big Book of Questions & Answers #5 (Why did God create the world?)
Day 4-Jesus Storybook Bible; The Beginning
Day 5-Jesus Storybook Bible; The Terrible Lie

Week 2: Flood and sin- Memory verse Psalm 1:6
Day 1-BPB; Part 3
Day 2-JSB; The New Beginning
Day 3-BBoQ&A #10 (What is Sin?)
Day 4- BBoQ&A #11 (What happens to us because of sin?)
Day 5- BBoQ&A #12 (What does our sin deserve?)

Week 3: Abraham’s faith & Joseph’s forgiveness- Memory verse Prov. 3:5, Rom. 12:17a
Day 1-BPB; part 4
Day 2-JSB; Son of Laughter
Day 3-JSB; The Present
Day 4-BPB; Part 5
Day 5-JSB; The Forgiving Prince

Week 4: Moses and God’s Commands- Memory verse Deut. 6:5
Day 1- BPB; part 6,7
Day 2-JSB; God to the Rescue
Day 3-JSB; God Makes a Way
Day 4-JSB; 10 ways to be perfect, BBQ&A #41 What is the first commandment?
Day 5-BBQ&A #51 How Does God help me keep his commandments?

Week 5: David- Memory verse Phil. 4:13
Day 1-BPB; Part 8
Day 2-BPB; Part 9
Day 3-JSB; Teeny Weenie… True King
Day 4-JSB; Young Hero and Horrible Giant
Day 5-JSB; The Good Shepherd

Week 6: Prophets- Memory verse Matt 6:24
Day 1- BPB; Part 10, BBQ&A #42 What is the second commandment?
Day 2-JSB; Daniel and the scary sleepover
Day 3-JSB; Operation no more tears, BBQ&A #15 How did God prepare the way for the Savior?
Day 4- JSB; Get Ready
Day 5- BPB; Part 11

Week 7: The Nativity- Memory verse Phil 2:7
Day 1-BPB; part 12,13
Day 2-BBQ&A; #17 How did Jesus come into the world?
Day 3-BPB; part 14
Day 4-JSB; He’s Here
Day 5-JSB; Light of the World, King of all Kings

Week 8: Jesus’ Teachings/ Prayer- Memory verse Matt 7:7
Day 1-BPB; part 17,
Day 2- JSB; The Singer, Treasure Hunt
Day 3-JSB; Running Away, The Servant King
Day 4-JSB; How to Pray, BBQ&A; #55 What is Prayer?, #56 How can we learn to pray?
Day 5-BBQ&A; #63 How can I be sure that God hears my prayers?, #64 Will God always answer me when I pray?

Week 9: Jesus’ Miracles- Memory verse Luke 18:27
Day 1- BPB; part 18
Day 2- BPB; part 19
Day 3- JSB; Little girl…
Day 4- JSB; Captian of the Storm
Day 5- JSB; Filled full

Week 10: The Cross- Memory verse 1 Tim. 1:15
Day 1-JSB; Sun Stops Shining,
Day 2- BBQ&A; #21 What was the most important thing that Jesus came to do
Day 3- BPB; part 20
Day 4- BPB; part 21
Day 5-BBQ&A; #22 How does Jesus save us?

Week 11: The Resurrection and Ascension- Memory verse 1 Cor. 15:22
Day 1-BBQ&A; #23 Is Jesus Still Dead?
Day 2-BPB; Part 22, 23
Day 3-JSB; God’s Wonderful Surprise
Day 4-BBQ&A; #24 Where is Jesus Now?, JSB; Going Home
Day 5-BBQ&A; #26 Can Jesus be my Savior?

Week 12: Apostles and Early Church- Memory verse 2 Cor. 4:5
Day 1-BPB; part 24
Day 2-BPB; part 25
Day 3-JSB; God Sends Help
Day 4-JSB; A New Way to See
Day 5-BBQ&A; #65 What is church?, #66 What is church for?

Week 13: Jesus Coming Again- Memory verse John 14:3
Day 1-BPB; part 26
Day 2-BBQ&A; #75 What will happen when Jesus comes back?
Day 3-JSB; A Dream of Heaven
Day 4-BBQ&A; #77 What will it be like to be with Jesus forever?
Day 5-


La La Landon said...

you rule. your kids are going to love Jesus so much.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Trusting God for that, and doing what we can.

And hoping they're a lot like you.

Anonymous said...


Our little church has a lot of children who know their Bible stories pretty well. We recently reached out to some needy families who started sending their children to church, and they are lost in the lessons. With your permission, I'd like to use your summer Bible schedule as a "boot camp" for them! Also going to implement supplemental activities that help cross the social divide. You are an inspiration.