Friday, May 23

Ribs, Travel, and Family

I've been out for a bit. First we had a Harvest staff retreat in Michigan. We had a wonderful time with a fantastic group of people, complete with two broken ribs. There's a man on our staff named Ed Boness who is . . . um . . . very large. I'm going to guess . . . three or four spins. Anyway, he fell onto Jeff Donaldson. And while Jeff is not small, he's not made of titanium.

Next, I got back to Chicago late (11:30) Wednesday night and flew out first thing Thursday morning to North Carolina for Meredith Andrews and Jacob Sooter's wedding. It's zany out here. Lots of music to be done, and people involved, and details that have to be ironed out, but there's nothing a generous helping of SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY can't fix quite easily.

Seeing the strength and love of the Sooter and Andrews families makes me miss my family all the more. I'm flying back Saturday morning.

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