Tuesday, September 11

Conversations with an atheist, pt. 3

To understand the conversation, read part one first, then part two.

No the British do not say a+ . That sounds like George Orwell`s "new-speak" We use adjectives like "bloody marvellous" and "splendid" that is if you are farty and over 40 like me. the kids say " lush " and "pants"

I completely disagree (surprise!) with your assertion.
Logic and reason are the only methods for trying to establish the truth about what you dont know. That is why I am sitting in front of a computer , not freezing my butt off in a cave, wondering why the sky god doesnt start a fire for me. DOH .That is my problem with Christians. You accept superstition and reject proven science (evolution etc)

oh no , I just said the "E" word. Deep breath....

While I'm sure I'm misunderstanding atheism (and thanks for helping me), you are completely misunderstanding Christianity. We believe that since God created this world, we can learn about Him by studying it. Issac Newton couldn't sit and wonder why the sky god doesn't start a fire. He was astounded by space and designed telescopes to investigate the One who created it.

And who's trying to convince you evolution is wrong? I don't believe that's how God did it, but some Christians do: Arthur Peacocke, Russell Stannard, John Polkinghorne, and Francis Collins.

I think that the telescope guy was Galileo and he narrowly escaped execution for contradicting the teachings of the church , by saying the planets rotate around the sun. No tangible evidence for a creator , just philosophical argument. Creationism alive and well in the less gifted sections of the community. always good to hear from you mwest

You're right about Galileo. I was thinking of Newton, who was the most influencial scientist in human history and a devoted Christian.

No tangible evidence? Only philosophical argument? How about this, [Terry] . . .

I put all tangible evidence into this question: Why is there anything AT ALL?

most people in england were christian at that time before our society decided it was silly. Now we have tv and cars and the churches have 2 people in them.
I think we had more hungry poor people when this was a Christian country tho.
I am happy to say I DONT KNOW in big capitals about your last point. I believe the people who try to talk about jehovah fail to explain anything. They just present me with a story from a book. love [Terry]

All tribes have a creation myth mr mwest , why did you choose that one instead of one of the many other ones on offer? Probably because you are fortunately an American citizen. ps if you can convince me God exits , I bet he lives in Maine (but has a place in the keys for the winter.)

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very cool, you guys are getting down to the heart of the matter.