Thursday, August 30

Conversations with an atheist, pt. 2

Please read pt. 1 here.

And, to help you keep track, TERRY the atheist's comments are BOLD while my comments are italic.

Actually , many species survive by cooperating with each other. Ants for example. The Human race is no different in that respect. Where we are different is our ability to make moral judgements. Are you saying that you only accept that philosophicaly if there is a supernatural being who orders things? why?

and ,please excuse the hyperbole, How do you have the audacity to suggest that you know the mind of the creator of the universe? oh , that book again lol

Ridicule is not a compelling form of argument.

Using logic and reason to investigate the universe makes the MOST sense if the universe is ordered and logical. Why use logic to investigate something that happened randomly?

Sorry for the delay in replying. My 8-wk-old son is in the hospital. Doctors can't figure out what's wrong. Any prayers you can offer would be appreciated. :-)

hi mwest. sorry to hear about your son. I hope he gets well soon.

ps logic and rationality have got us a long way my friend. Dont be too quick to dismiss them , in favour of what? superstition?

good to hear from you

THEN, some other person wrote:

Which Christian Ethic you like best:
Raping children
Lying about it?

And TERRY responded:

that is a cheap shot. joseph stalin was an atheist. just because lots of priests are perverts and monsters does not mean christian ethics are wrong. I would keep my kids away from the church because I think it is bad for their mental health to be exposed to too many freaks at a young age. this superstition taints us all.

Neither "Christianity" nor atheists have a monopoly on rape or falsehood. I put "Christianity" in quotes since the teachings of Christ specifically forbid that behavior. Christian ethics, in my opinion, have the most thoughtful and reasoned approach to explain why that is evil. [Terry]: did you just defend Christianity from a cheap shot? :-) Who says miracles are impossible? :-) Thanks for your concern for my son, who is home now and out of danger.

the implication is that my comments are cheap . How could you be so mean? I forgive you tho glad he is ok

OK - enough of that side track. Back to the A+ conversation. (Do the British say A+?)

[Terry]: We both agree that logic and reason are useful. The question I'd like to ask is "Why is that so?" It seems that a universe which is purposeless and random shouldn't be investigated by logic and reason.

The more design and purpose the universe has, the better it is to investigate it with logic and reason. Does that make sense?
THEN a fourth guy wrote:

Wow. A civilized debate on Youtube comments. I think hell just froze over.


Trey Morris said...

Matthew - That is an excellent thread. I can't wait to see what you and Terry say next...

Cornelius said...

It sounds like this guy needs an intellectual argument to explain God and the universe. His skepticism is probably due in part to poor Christian examples and a subjective view of a Godless universe hidden behind logic and a need/desire for science to explain everything. Possibly he uses that same logic to define life, ethics, and morality.

From what I have read this guy seems to have a strong understanding of right and wrong. He seems kind and understanding.

Ask him questions about morality. Ask him what is Justice and why is there a need for it in society? Why bother with morality/ethics if there isn't God? Deterrence is common theme in all societies whereby punishing those individuals who commit acts deemed illegal or morally reprehensible. Ask him why should people be punished for crimes when he believes there isn't a God? Show him that God put that inside of him. Show him there is a direct correlation between Justice and God. Use example of Holiness in the Bible and stories for

He probably will keep pushing poor examples to look at.

Also, perhaps, you could frame your argument for the existences of the God of the Bible from a general revelation theology prospective. That argument wouldn't point you to the God of the Bible; however, it would give you a framework for discovery that there is a God.

Use examples like, who created the universe? or Who created matter?
What are the ingredients to create life? Can you do it? Ask

Explain to him that it isn't an intellectual suicide to believe in God.

Use references in the Bible to support your arguments, Psalm 19, Isaiah 66, and Romans 2:4.

God does all things well like using you in this conversation. I love the fact that you are being so patient with him. I think that will win over as well. I applaud your efforts.

La La Landon said...

seeems like hes softening toward the Lord already, pretty amazing.