Thursday, August 30

Banner quiz

Can you name the five [retro] evangelicals in the new banner?

Guesses are appreciated, as well as suggestions for who can be there in the future.

Special thanks to BigCityLawyer for putting it together for me.


Michael said...

That looks like Schaeffer on the far right.

Guess I need to crack some books open.

Anonymous said...

Got the first and last we'll work on the others.....

Wiz family Robinson

Brett said...

Carl Henry on the left (no theological inference intended!), Francis Schaeffer on the right. Is that Kenneth Kantzer in the middle? The other two guys look familiar but I'm not pulling up a name with either face.

Matthew Westerholm said...

One guy oversaw the NASB Old Testament translation. One first president of Fuller Seminary.

DanBru said...


Carl Henry
Kenneth Kantzer
Gleason Archer
Harold Ockenga
Francis Schaeffer

Not sure the exact definition of a [retro]evangelical. Do they have to be dead? Here are some other possibilities:

Billy Graham, J.I. Packer, John Stott, Harold O.J. Brown

Matthew Westerholm said...

BRUBE! Well done.