Friday, April 13

A Question of Good Taste

Warning: Bad Joke Approaching!

Did you hear that "Snap", "Crackle" and "Pop" were murdered?

The police think it was a cereal killer

You have got to try this cereal sometime. It's SO tasty. Tasty. Tasty.

I remember reading a book where the author described a dark time in his life. He was questioning his faith. He was questioning the meaning of the universe.

Then he bit into a Chic-Fil-a chicken sandwich.

And he knew that there was a God. And he knew that God was GOOD.

I'm telling you, that's crazy. And there's something really helpful in it as well. Can you think about the things in life that are GOOD? And I'm not talking about "Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels."

I'm talking about things that reveal God to you. John Piper writes that things can either RIVAL God, or REVEAL God. I think that's very helpful.

Here's your goal today: every time you see something that's beautiful; every time you taste something delicious; every time you feel something wonderful...

Say to yourself "Thank-you, Lord."


J Crew said...

I'll have to try that. It looks enticing

Beloved said...

Thank you, Lord, for Strawberry Delight Mini-wheats. Mmmm, mmm, good... God, that is... SD mini-wheats too, though...

Matthew Westerholm said...

oh, man. i had more of it this morning. beloved - madeline ate Life cereal.

Beloved said...

Ooh, what a treat! We usually give her Cheerios... day after day... and occasionally Rice Krispies. We are very neglectful parents. Thanks for picking up the slack. ;-) Seriously though, LIFE is like my FAVE.