Tuesday, April 10

Easter: RECAP

There's the newspaper article, and a couple of reviews of the service: here, here and here. (Don't forget HERE.)

It was a blast. I think the thing that I am happiest about is this: (1) that is the most people I have ever been in front of at one time; and (2) we told them the singular best news I know.

I'm so proud of our team . . . Keith Neubert, Joel Smith, Steve Johnson, Andi Rozier, Meredith Andrews, Lindsay McCaul, SHEILA FORTSON(!), Luke, Johanna, and Matt Stowell. Heather and Nicol sang so well. The band (Aaron Mortenson, Gordon Persha, Josh Caterer, Dagan Nolan, Aaron Stampfl) really went the extra mile -- 'cause that was a ton of music. Gospel, brit rock, samba, pop, arena anthem - they covered it all. The horn section (Carey Deadman, David Polk, and Barry Slabaugh) played with great passion and precision.

It's good to come home and have exhausted yourself getting out the gospel. You know?

In an effort to keep the day normal, my son (Ethan) cut his eye, and I went with him to urgent care to get it all patched up. Yes - the resurrection power is real. No - it's not all here yet. COME LORD JESUS!

The doctor was patching up the cut, and he asked Ethan "Did you do anything for Easter today?"

"Uh-huh. I learned that Jesus rose from the dead and then I sang loud songs to Him."

Well, I guess that's worth it all.

That's as close to well done good and faithful servant that I'm going to get on this side of heaven.


craig said...


Congratulations and thanks to you and your team for putting on one of the best worship times I can remember. It was awesome to see 11,000 people praising the name of Jesus at the Sears Centre, and you all were totally rocking the house! God was definitely glorified.

Can we do it again next week? :)

Beloved said...

Absolutely great time. Thank you all for giving it your all--and then some. My mom, stepdad, and brother were in town for the weekend, and were totally blessed. I mentioned to my mom, "Seeing how well they pulled this off, they're ready to go into the 'conference business'." To which she replied, "Yeah, this has been far better than any conference I've been to." And she's been to several.

Glory to God in the highest for the great things HE has done for us, in us, and through us.