Sunday, April 1


The fourth and final Easter promo video speaks for itself. A message of "Hip-Hope" from the church that's putting the "hip" in "wors-HIP". (Well, I just hope we're not putting the "worse" in "worship".)


Beloved said...

Yeah, uh... FUNNY. What happened to "The More You Know"? This was better by far (I guess... I'll probably never know, since I didn't get to see that one...)

You'll be getting a call from me tomorrow, so brace yourself. ;-) Just kidding, you can relax.

Cornelius said...

That is the dopest rhyme I have ever heard from a white suburban pastor. You should put out an albumn.

Dopest = Sickest; coolest; tightest; most awesome

Matthew Westerholm said...

You think the rap was my idea? I got outvoted by people much cooler than me.

Thanks for the jive subtitles! I actually have a lot of "the street" in me . . . uh, well, maybe the cul-de-sac.

jmoon said...

if i ever attempted something like that, four words would immediately spring from my students' mouths:

Oh no you didn't!

seriously, though. :p

marla said...

How could you keep a straight face all the way through that video? Were there any outtakes? I bet those were pretty good too!

Thanks for the entertainment (and the information)!!!

Jeremy said...

Yo Matt... that was da BOMB!

I'm praying for you this week (you probably have a busy one). Wish I could be in Chicago to hear the "Resurrection Cheer" on Sunday morning... there probably won't be a roof on the building when it's done!