Monday, March 26

Precious In The Sight Of The Lord...

Jonathan Edwards had a collection of resolutions that reviewed weekly. Resolution #9 is:

"Resolved, to think much on all occasions of my own dying, and of the common circumstances which attend death."
Many of Edwards' resolutions hinged around this theme of death. While perhaps death was an obsession of the Victorian era, it seems to be taboo in our day.

With that as a backdrop, I have a suggestion for you. Four great men of God (though not very well known) have passed away in since the new year. I suggest you read about their lives, and fire up your own heart to finish your race for Christ.

Bruce Metzger

Paul Hiebert

Herman Ridderbos

William Piper

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Beloved said...


I just finished reading the announcement of Dr. Hiebert's memorial service on Trinity's website as I was doing some financial aid research. I read TSK's eulogy as well, and John Piper's for his dad as well on DGonline a few months ago.