Friday, February 2

Liberty update: we're back

We're back after a good week of ministry at Liberty University. Thank you so much for your prayers. Highlights include:

1) Seeing over 25 kids (rough visual guess) come forward to commit their lives to Christ Monday night.

2) Seeing hundreds of students fill the front of Thomas Road church on Tuesday night, confessing their sin and receiving forgiveness from our Savior.

3) Seeing our team take large strides forward in expressing their love and need for Jesus Christ.

4) Some great hang out time at different places in Lynchburg with the team. A fun Japanese restaurant, a Mexican restaurant.

5) Speaking at Liberty University's "Worship History and Philosophy" class with Andi and Meredith. I really felt God helped me speak from my heart.

6) Helping a student through some difficult passages in Hebrews. The Lord reminded me of the perfect verse to make His truth clear!

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