Tuesday, February 6

Baby # 3: It's a boy

My wife Lisa and I found out yesterday that our third child (due June 13th) will be our third boy.

Our first two sons, Ethan John and Owen Samuel are delighted.

The text message responses have been coming in quickly:

Matt S.

Wow. We will start praying now.
Andi R.
Congrats 2 both of you.
Meredith A.
Congrats!! You'll have the 3 musketeers!
Heather H.
it's a football team . . . or a band. Either way congrats. I hope you call him Heather ;)
James M.
Congrats! Ur raising an army for God!

This week, we are planning to name him "Levi Daniel Westerholm" but reserve the right to change the name at any time.


Gerald said...

It takes a man to make a man.

La La Landon said...

thanks for the text to me.
im sure i could have come up with a witty response.

Brett said...

Congrats, Matthew! We'll find out next Thursday what gender will be added to our two boys and one girl. The baby is due July 26th.

Anonymous said...

Hope your destined-to-be boy-band makes a bigger impact than Hanson did...