Wednesday, October 11

Straight Up Conference Songlist

The song list from the Straight Up Conference can now be found at the HarvestSongs website. Check it out.

PS - we didn't sing "the First Place". :-)

Maybe next week, I'll compare the song lists between our conference and "Above All Earthly . . ."

Make sure you hear the mp3s from both. I'm not sure how much longer StraightUp will be posting theirs for free. Get while the gettin's good. :-)

If you're visiting the site because you learned the "First Place" at Dr. Piper's conference, please leave a comment here, and tell me what you thought.



Anonymous said...

Loved "The First Place"!! How does one obtain a copy of it?

Nathan Nemmers said...

Thanks for the posting of these songs...I was wondering if you could email me the 10 songs widdled down from 50 that we just spoke of over the phone???