Tuesday, October 17

Crazy story: Westerdogg? I'm not making this up

I am not making this up.

Yesterday, I was in the recording studio working on a new album of hymn arrangements (more info on that to come). I had reserved the studio from 9am till 1pm. It was about 11am when I was told I had to leave.

Snoop Dogg was coming to the studio.

He had booked time in the studio for the day before, but never showed up. Now, he was on his way and I had to split.

It might have been the most surreal experience of my entire life.

No, I didn't get to meet him. And, no, I'm not mad at the studio. That's the way things work.

Normally, secular companies are nicer to church guys. Probably because they don't really get "grace" yet. Chasing out a pastor recording a hymns album to make room for Snoop? That's at least bad luck. :-)

I went over to Moody's bookstore and looked at some stuff. Almost bought a poster of Ira Sankey.

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Brett said...

You are a better man than me. I'd have been ticked. Hopefully, I would have been able to be gracious as you after a quick prayer, though! :-)