Wednesday, September 27

Stength for the Journey

Here's an fantastic email blast I got from Pastor James:

I am writing to share some exciting news concerning the ministry of our Teaching Pastor, Dr. Stowell. In addition to his role here at Harvest, he is partnering with RBC Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to develop a new web-based ministry called “Strength for the Journey.”

This online ministry was officially launched on Monday, September 4. You can log on to to find the following features:

* daily devotionals in audio, text and podcast formats

* weekly messages and commentary

* downloadable Bible study curriculum for individuals and small groups

* an audio library of his most requested messages

Be sure to get “on line” with this new ministry, and, more importantly, join me in praying that many people beyond the walls of Harvest will be encouraged and enriched in their walk with Christ through Joe’s teaching.

James MacDonald
Senior Pastor

Joe Stowell is a wonderful, winsome example of and voice for Christlikeness. You gotta check it out.


sharon wadeson said...

I have been trying to get on the site at rbc and the site does not seem to be available. What's going on.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Hi, Sharon.

Thanks for visiting.

The link kicks me right over to which is the right place. Does it work now?