Tuesday, September 26

Varieties of people reveal the glory of God.

D.J. Chuagn wrote an article on "Why I Like Keller More than Piper". I posted this in his comments section.

I think the Lord sends different personality types at the same time to show people who reject ALL that they are really rejecting the gospel. Can you think
of some?

Jesus > John the Baptist: one played a flute, they didn’t dance; the other played a dirge and they didn’t mourn. (Mt. 11:17)

Calvin > Luther: one the careful analytical writer, the other the fiery mover and shaker.

Edwards > Whifield: one an intellectual giant who preached, the other an oratory giant who thought.

Rather than get all "Pirates vs. Ninjas" with the whole discussion, I want to be like the Thessalonian church who was "God taught" (1 Thess. 4:9)and thank God for the teachers He's given the church and used in my life.

Ironically, I think I saw something like these thoughts somewhere by Dr. Piper, but hunted at DG and couldn't find it... it's not normally like me to think of something this thoughtful. . . :-)

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