Wednesday, May 31

Kauflin on Physical Expression in Worship

Bob Kauflin has just finished a fantastic set of four posts on the topic "How Do We Grow in Physical Expressiveness?" Check them out.

1. Teach on the appropriateness of physical expression in worshipping God.

2. Teach that physical expression should flow from a heart that desires to bring God glory, and that outward expressions are no sign one way or the other that someone is offering God acceptable worship.

3. Address the different reasons people might be reserved in their expression and teach on preferring others.

4. Preach and sing the Word, works, and worth of God, centered on the Gospel, to raise the affections of people for God.

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Anonymous said...

Expression in worship is awesome. It would be cool to see people express themselves in worship in a manner prescribed in the link. Even though some people do silly things, heart-felt express is a good thing. I am not sure if Harvest would allow something like that. Some people love having "Dignified" church and worship settings, but others are okay with worship that is expression is tolerable with a sincere heart.

Matt I enjoy your blog. I read it from time to time.