Wednesday, May 31

Da Vinci Code Sequel Announced!

Marc @ purgatorio just announced it. See it here.


"Dan Brown has announced the plot of his Da Vinci Code follow up novel, The Kinkade Code. In this startling new tale, Harvard professor of Religious Symbology, Robert Langdon, discovers hidden clues in the idyllic, bucolic paintings of Thomas Kinkade and uncovers an ancient conspiracy intent on littering Christian homes around the globe with mediocre works of art."

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DayAtTheBeach said...

That's freakin' sweet. I just found your blog and liked it. I'm linking this on my own blog.
I just moved from Chi-town to Dallas but I know of Harvest. I've got some friends that sing in the gospel choir at the Rolling Meadows campus.
You've got a good look to the blog.
Was it a template or did you design on it on your own?