Friday, March 31

Phillies' Marketing Goof

From Jim Rome . . .

In an effort to reach out to about 4,000 season ticket holders who had not renewed their ducats, the Philadelphia Phillies sent out a DVD titled, Power of the Plan. It had a picture of infielder Chase Utley on the over. Not a bad plan. Well, the Phillies send out the DVD to raise some interest and maybe get a few people to re-up for their season seats.

But there was one small problem. Not everyone that received the Phillies highlight DVD.

At least two people received a Spanish language cockfighting DVD with chickens pecking each other to death. I have no idea how many season seats the cockfighting DVD is going to sell. I don’t think watching some vicious birds peck and slash each other to bits is going to make a Philies Fan think, ‘You know what, after watching those bloody chickens, I think I could go watch Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. Where’s the checkbook?’ The DVD company has taken responsibility for the error. The Phillies DVD run was right after the Cockfighting DVD, and a few got mixed up.

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