Tuesday, February 21

New Worship Music: phatfish

A great tip from our British friend, Andi Rozier --

Female worship leader from the band Phatfish – new solo album...

I Will Say (mp3)
Holy Ground (mp3)



Jim said...

Cool songs; she looks pretty hot too.

Matthew Westerholm said...

Wow, Jim.

With a single comment, you may have just sent the "women in ministry" discussion back 10 years.

Having the world’s most beautiful woman as my wife skews my personal opinion. When you stare into the SUN everyday, it's hard to tell the difference between and 30 and 60-watt bulb.

Trish said...

Jim, a worship leader tries to be unhot so nothing can distract from God's fame.

Jim said...

Gee what's the big deal? What wrong with observing a hotness? Why pretend we don't do it all the time?

Matthew Westerholm said...

I would just echo Trish's sentiment. Whenever a worshipper walks away from a worship service saying "That was a great worship song" or "that was a cool video/preacher" or "that worship leader looked pretty hot" -- it has been a waste of time.

People should walk out saying "What a great God we serve" or "Hallelujah, what a Savior". That is the design of worship.

The fact that we don't do that is sad. It's true, to some degree we "observe a hotness" all the time. But that is not something to be celebrated . . . much less in a worship setting.