Tuesday, February 21

Current Reading - Feb. 06

Seeking The Secret Place: THE SPIRITUAL FORMATION OF C. S. LEWIS (Paperback)
by Lyle W. Dorsett

A great book. It's got me rethinking and repraying and restudying scripture.

Organized for Success : Top Executives and CEOs Reveal the Organizing Principles That Helped Them Reach the Top (Hardcover)
by Stephanie Winston

Another good book. Very anecdotal and helpful, and it introduces the capture-tool to time management thinking. (At least MY thinking!)

When People Are Big and God Is Small: Overcoming Peer Pressure, Codependency, and the Fear of Man (Resources for Changing Lives) (Paperback)
by Edward T. Welch

I'm deeply affected by this book. I think so many of the issues I deal with in discipling artistic people are answered by this book (and THE book behind it).

Maybe after a while, I'll let you in on my comic book reading . . . I'm not sure you know me well enough right now. :-)

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