Friday, January 27

YALE sends me a form letter!

Now, you may or may not know that I love Jonathan Edwards. I first got into him when my dad bought me a collection on his sermons, published by Banner Of Truth, called "Knowing Christ". It took me a long time to get through all of them (I was a softmore in high school at the time), but I did, and I've never been the same.

This is the same time that I grew to love Dr. Piper's ministry, and got my call to ministry of my own at a Ligonier conference with Sprould, Boice, and Ferguson. I've told that story elsewhere.

Well, this afternoon, I got an email from Harry S. Stout, who is perhaps the greatest living expert on Edwards. Yes it was a form letter, but it was still cool. If you're into Edwards, too, check out YALE's big project, or see Justin Taylor's sweet synopsis

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Jeremy said...

Sweet! I got one too... I know I will have fun reading Edwards stuff. Cool stuff.

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