Tuesday, January 31

Fathering: help from Mohler

There's a great article by Al Mohler in the Winter 2005 issue of Southern Seminary Magazine. I'm using it to really focus my interaction and raising of my two boys (that's Ethan, my oldest on the left), as well as my raising of myself.

A man is
1) Spiritually mature enough to lead a wife and children
2) Personally mature enough to be a responsible husband and father
3) Economically mature enough to hold an adult job and handle money
4) Physically mature enough to work and protect a family
5) Sexually mature enough to marry and fulfill God's purposes
6) Morally mature enough to lead as an example of righteousness
7) Ethically mature enough to make responsible decisions
8) Worldview mature enough to understand what is really important
9) Relationally mature enough to understand and respect others.
10) Socially mature enough to make a contribution to society.
11) Verbally mature enough to communicate and articulate as a man
12) Character mature enough to demonstrate courage under fire
13) Biblically mature enough to lead at some level in the church.
May God help me be this type of man.

UPDATE: Well, you've got to dig if you want to be a retro-evangelical. CJ Mahaney mentions the sermon this article came from, then I found it on the Covenant Life site. LISTEN.

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