Tuesday, December 20

more free Sinclair Ferguson audio links

Here's an update on an old post containing some free audio links from Sinclair Ferguson.

From Taylor University's Chapels

(11/01/05 Evening Service) Reconciliation through Christ
(11-02-2005) Transformation in Christ
(11-02-2005 Evening Service) Ambition for Christ
(11-03-2005 Evening Service) Opposition to Christ
(11-04-2005) Communion with Christ
From Cambridge Presbyterian Church

(11/13/05 am) Hebrews 2:5-18; 8:1-7; 12:18-24
(11/13/2005 pm) Romans 8:9-32

From First Presbyterian Church of Columbia

(12/4/2005 am) Jesus Christ - The Wonderful Counselor
(12/11/2005 am) Jesus Christ - The Mighty God
(12/11/2005 pm) Our Weakness, His Glory
(12/18/2005 am) Jesus Christ - The Everlasting Father

You can purchase Ferguson's lectures on "The Emergent Church and its Emerging Leaders: Studies in 2 Timothy" and you'll also see lots of other lectures from Park Cities Presbyterian Church. You can stream for free or download for a small cost ($2.50).

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