Thursday, April 9


This is the 559th, and final post on [RETRO] EVANGELICAL.

I'm moving to for my new web site.

Come on over. There's a blog, and resources for all the songs I've written.

How will the new blog compare to the old blog? Well . . .

. . . if you took the old blog and broke it into 10,000 pieces
and you took each of those pieces and planted them in the ground;
sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain
up from the group emerges “blog plants.”
Now — quick — harvest the “blog plant fruit”
placing each juice-filled morsel into a gigantic wooden basket.
Pile these baskets into dozens of towers - each a mile high.
That’s what the new blog will be like.


Trish said...

We will miss you.

Sidney Xavier de Sousa said...

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