Sunday, October 19

What is a retro-evangelical?

Here's an email that I recently sent to a kind pastor who asked "What is a retro-evangelical?"

Hi Pastor!

A retro-evangelical is a person who is saddened by the current direction that evangelicalism is taking, and longs to return to the roots of "the evangel" -- or gospel.

A retro-evangelical fully embraces the fundamentals of the faith
  • The inspiration and innerancy of the Bible.
  • The virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
  • The doctrine of substitutionary atonement.
  • The bodily resurrection of Christ.
  • The historical reality of biblical miracles.
A retro-evangelical, while rejecting modern liberalism, and preserving a doctrinal focus on the Bible, also rejects the legalistic rigidness and social disengagement of Fundamentalism.

The blog contains biographies of heroes of early Evangelicalism, such as Carl Henry, Machen, Kantzer, and Schaeffer. I find kindred spirits within the Together for The Gospel group and The Gospel Coalition.

I hope that helps!

Matthew Westerholm


Anonymous said...

What is a retro-evangelical's view on the Holy Spirit?

Matthew Westerholm said...

The same as the bible's view.

Thanks for asking!



Personally, I find continuationist movement truest to my readings of scripture. I agree with much of what scholars and teachers like Wayne Grudem, John Piper, Sam Storms, and CJ Mahaney have written -- if that helps.

What's your view, anonymous?