Friday, September 26

ESV Study Bible is coming . . .


Jim said...

I dont get whats the big deal with this study bible - its not the first?

Matthew Westerholm said...

Good question, Jim.

I'd suggest visiting the sight for a full list of features.

I'm most excited about the study bible because:
1) I think the translation is excellent.
2) I think the contributors are stellar.
3) I think the features are uniquely practical and scholarly.

Do you use a study bible?

Jim said...

Yeah I use the Life Application Study Bible. The reason I asked is because I get a bit skeptical of money-making publishers and there's already so many kinds of bibles in the Christian book store.

Matthew Westerholm said...


Skepticism toward the "Christian" industry is well-deserved.

This particular bible has many more features and unique contributions than others within it's price point. It seems to be quite a blessing for, rather than a fleecing of, Christ's church.

BTW: The publisher, Crossway, is a not-for-profit entity. Many other publisher's, such as the Life Application's publisher, Tyndale, are FOR profit companies. This is not to judge motives, but merely to display some of the spectrum within "Christian" publishing.