Thursday, August 14

Really Big News

So . . . maybe you've heard . . . I've taken another job.

After ten years (and eight months) working at Harvest Bible Chapel, I've taken a new position at Cornerstone University that begins this fall.

I'll be doing three main things at Cornerstone. (1) I'm going to be overseeing music and worship for their chapel services; (2) I'm going to be serving as adjunct faculty in their music division; and (3) I'm going to get a Master's degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

For some of you, this announcement might seem to come out of no where, others of you who might know me a little better can see this as the next divinely inspired step for both my ministry and my family. We are thankful to God for leading us.

Now, the most difficult part of this decision has been the decision to leave HBC. I have been attending Harvest Bible Chapel since September of 1993. I have grown and learned so much there. We love the church, and if my goal was to stay in a place where I am the most loved, respected, cherished, and well-paid, I would never leave.

But Jesus said, "By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit" and so my life has to be about more than gathering appreciation and resources. I must be about stewarding my strength, gifts, and opportunities for maximum impact in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Cornerstone is entering a new season of ministry that has fantastic potential for bearing much fruit. Their new President, Dr. Joe Stowell, is a proven leader and a friend who I believe in. Cornerstone will provide a great place for me to sharpen my musical and leadership skills and talking with their students will help my sharpen my thinking about worship and the Lord. It will be a joy to advance the kingdom in Grand Rapids for the glory of Jesus Christ.


Ken said...


It's great to see the way the Lord has been working in your life. May he grant you much joy, and much grace in the move and may you bring much glory to our Savior!

Joshua Seller said...

you will be missed....especially when you talk like a computer.

"it's 11:30"


Dan said...


Wow! I am really excited for you. You have been wanting to do advanced study for a long time, and to be able to do that while also continuing to grow as a music/worship leader is an awesome opportunity. I wish you all the best. When I travel to GR to buy books and/or visit my uncle who is a pastor there (at very conservative Wealthy Park Baptist), I now have another friend to look up.

Dan Bru

Elinette said...

Hi Matthew,

Congratulations. What an exciting time! Leaving our Harvest family was the hardest thing for us as well with our recent move. Praying this will be a great blessing to you and your family.

Jim said...
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Beloved said...

Ditto, dude (except the comment about james). We'll miss you... all of us. Congrats and God speed!

Trish said...

You are awesome! God bless you in this! I pray your tribe will increase and your sphere of influence too.

Anonymous said...

Wow dude...

you know, I'm glad I read that. That part about "bearing much fruit" was something I needed to hear...

Best wishes for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

we will miss you hear at HBC-Elgin. Thankfully you will still blog and soon you will have the credentials to validate your knowledge.
Will, Daniela, and Jonathan