Friday, December 14

Christmas Song: Come, Thou Lamb of God And Savior

New lyrics for "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus," written for a new sermon series here at Harvest.

Come, Thou Lamb of God and Savior,
Come to take our sins away.
In Thy sacrificial favor
Spare us, heal us, cleanse us, we pray.
We, like sheep, had lost direction;
We could not for our shame atone.
From the altar of Thy perfection
Make Thy blameless life our own.

Come, Thou Way of our redemption,
All our wand'rings rectify;
Truth, but not of our own invention,
Jesus, Word of God, reply.
Life, eternal and resurrected,
Thou to our spiritless framework impart;
And, by Thy love to the Father directed,
Way and Truth and Life Thou art!

(c) 2007 Joshua Westerholm

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