Thursday, November 8

Piano Heroes

A lot of you know that I play the keyboards. Here's some of my heroes.

Billy Preston

Richard Tee - solo starts at 3:10

Kenny Kirkland. Played with Wynton and Sting. This is him jazzing through Giant Steps, but his pop solos on "Bring on the Night" and "La Belle Sans Regrets" are my favorites.

Stevie Wonder.

Bruce Hornsby

Brad Mehldau - favorite living pianist.

John Medeski

PJ Morgan

Other favorites are Fernando Ortega, Herman Jackson, Johnny Costa (from Mr. Rogers), Josh Eckburg, Aaron Lindsay, Ken Boer, George Duke, Matt Rollings, and Jackson Berkely.


Cornelius said...
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Cornelius said...

This is great music!

jmoon said...

wow. that's some good stuff.

although i can't imagine that the marketing drums could beat up enough enthusiasm for a "piano heroes" line of game :)