Wednesday, October 24

The Game

Time for a little contest! Pick one of two ways of entering!

1) In the comments section of this post, please make your best guess as to the rules of the game pictured above. Guess the board, the playing pieces . . . everything.

2) Pick another Christian book that could become a board game. Describe it in great detail.

Serious answers and funny answers all welcome!


Mark Heath said...

In this game, each player moves their counter round a circuit on the board signifying their journey in life. You accumulate success in health, wealth and prosperity as you go. On your turn you can choose between two dice to see how many spaces you will advance. The first is the positive thinking dice - you will always roll a six if you choose this dice. The second is the negative thinking dice. You might get anything between -3 and 3 if you choose this dice. To use the first dice you must repeat the phrase "My best moments are ahead of me". When you roll a six, you will receive a "marked moment" card, which will give you a promotion, new house or car, a new spouse or child. In this game everyone is a winner, except for those who refuse to choose the positive thinking dice.

Susan said...

Nice job Mark. I can't wait to read Landon's game plan... and maybe someone could explain this one - The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out

Elinette said...

Great job, Mark.

My only change: the board should have a "pop-up" ladder in the middle called "The Champion's Ladder".

The player that can hold a smile the longest throughout the game, will be eligible to climb this ladder and collect "blessings" from those choosing the negative thinking dice.

Ryan said...


GAME PIECES- Soldiers of Assorted Color.

STYLE OF BOARD- Similar to 'Life'. Except it is a trail through a brain. And the brain looks like a WWI battlefied (trenches, barbed-wire, etc.).

SUMMARY OF GAMEPLAY- Everyone starts off in the 'Wilderness Mentality' stage. Players roll dice to progress through 'The Battlefield of the Mind'. Depending on the color space you land on, you will be faced with various challenges like Doubt, Confusion, Worry, Depression, Anger, etc. Every time you overcome one of these 'Brain-storms of Mental Activities' you gain a 'Spiritual Weapon' to fight more effectively. Goal of the game is to be the first player to conquer 'The Battlefield of the Mind' and end up with the most 'Spiritual Weapons'.

SLOGAN - 'Don't surrender to misery another day - ensure your victory in the Battlefield of the Mind!'

Ryan said...

Someone HAS to do 'Reposition Yourself' by Rev. Bis. Apstl. T.D. Jakes.