Tuesday, September 25

Conversations with an atheist, pt. 4

Part four. Reminder, my comments are written in italics and his are in bold font.

Here's why I picked Christianity: (1) I believe the best explanation for why anything exists is because there is a God. (2) I find the life of Jesus amazingly compelling. (3) I find the teachings of Jesus polarizing. He's either lying, crazy or telling the truth.

I'm not sure that England was ever a "Christian" country. Christians who really follow Jesus take great care of the poor and hungry. (1) Jesus became poor - 2 Cor. 8:9. (2) He admired the poor - Mk. 12:42 (3) He ministered to the poor - Lk. 7:22; and (4) He criticized the rich - Mt. 19:23.

no problem with that my friend , just dont go on about invisible spirits that read my thoughts or you lose me. ps I would think that the country that most promotes the idea of personal wealth as the goal is probably the old usa (which I happen to love dearly)

What did you mean, then, when you wrote about wanting to leave your children a "spiritual legacy"?

I dont have any children , I was speaking in general terms , actually quoting Choi Hong Hi , Korean philosopher and founder of TaeKwonDo. You forgot to mention "misrepresented" in your list of options there

if creation requires a creator. who created the creator? I want the world to be populated by people who care about other people. this does not ( for me anyway) require a big guy upstairs. if anything the opposite is true

Time, energy and mass are all related (right, Einstein). The Person who created them had to exist outside of time, and therefore had no beginning.

thought for the day ; could an all powerful god create a stone which was too heavy for him to lift?

A rock would have to be infinitely large to defeat an limitless amount of lifting power. However, an "infinite rock" is a contradiction since material objects cannot be infinite.


Ryan said...

I'm not sure why, but I've never heard that rebuttal to the 'Very Heavy Rock' question. It's very solid. I once had a friend propose this question to me, "Could God make a Christian Metal band so metal/evil that Satan put them on his Myspace page under favorite artists and his iPod playlist?"

Michael said...

I've never heard that rebuttal either. Interesting. I've always heard the "God doesn't deal with logical impossibilities" argument.

Using the "very heavy rock" and "who created the creator" (why does that assumption exist anyhow?) arguments, this person's objections are quite a bit less sophisticated than I first thought. Either that or he's not trying very hard.

BTW Ryan -- nice "very solid" pun, and knowing Matt's father I'm sure Matt appreciated it...

Ryan said...

Glad you appreciated the pun, Michael. I wasn't sure it would translate.