Wednesday, July 25


What resources has anyone found helpful with a Christian view of LEISURE?

I feel like most sermons and Christian books deal well with categories of prayer, quiet times, church gatherings, and (to a lesser degree) work.

But does anyone know of a helpful book on biblical LEISURE?



Is there a biblical way to think on these topics? Please help.

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MWorrell said...

While I have *nothing* to offer you and will be checking back here myself to see if anyone else does, this is something I wrestle with as well. Especially when I think about Paul's life, which makes it really tough to enjoy a day of restaurants and shopping or a hobby without feeling insanely guilty. In fact, I actually feel relieved sometimes when reading Old Testament passages about enjoying your life and the people and prosperity that God has provided, versus the open-ended calls for complete sacrifice and dedication from Jesus. I can't ever recall hearing a sermon about it, but I guess most American congregations don't really need more encouragement to take it easy.