Sunday, July 29

Funny: Laser Pointers

Who can ever forget the first time that they ever saw someone with a laser pointer? Even my eight-year-old brain knew right at that moment: I was seeing the future. A future filled with:

1) Presentations at work or school filled with accurate pointing, freed once and for all from the inaccuracy of waving a finger in a general direction.
2) That joke where you pretend like a sniper is chasing your friend.
3) Shining it on a guy while he is unaware.
4) Constant warnings from your mom about not shining it in someone's eye.

And now, thanks to the LASIK (ironically pronounced "LAY-sick") community, we have come to realize just how wrong our moms were. Apparently, shining a laser in a kid's eye is just about the most awesome thing you can do.

Maybe our moms were misinformed. Maybe our moms were confused. Maybe they were afraid.

Afraid of the challenges of raising kids with SuperSightTM.


jmoon said...

great posts recently :)

you considering lasik?

Matthew Westerholm said...

are you kidding? $$$. Pricey. Plus, the glasses are sort of my look. :-)

La La Landon said...

fantastic. one of your best posts ever. keep 'em coming.