Wednesday, June 6

Song-Writing Retreat

Just got back from a three day song writing retreat, generously sponsered and hosted by Harvestsongs. Attendees included: Matt Stowell, Andi Rozier, Joshua Seller, Steve Busch, Josh Caterer, Meredith Andrews, Lindsay (MaCaul) Pritchett. Special presenters included Rory Nolan and Jason Ingram.


BY FAR the highlight of the retreat was hanging with my main man, Jacob Ronan. Yeah, I forgot his name the first time I posted this, but that's because my connection with Jacob is WAY deeper than any silly songwriting retreat. Gosh, that's a handsome picture, Jacob.


Joshua Seller said...

my name doesnt have a S on the end of seller. I actually tried ignoring it, but couldn't i had to sign back on and make sure you knew that. I expect an apology on your next blog. thank you. your forgiven.

Matthew Westerholm said...

"you're forgiven" has an "e". You'rE welcome. :-)