Friday, June 8

New Song: Could This Day Be The One?

Here's some fruit from the songwriting retreat. Josh Caterer filled out this chorus that I had written. What do you think? (P.S. - the music is really cool.)

My heart is resting on the hope
That I will see your face
And sorrow will be gone
Without a single trace

I’m longing for the day
When faith shall become sight
And darkness disappears
In your glorious light

To hear skies torn in two
To turn and know it’s You
To think that Heaven has begun
To finally feel at home
To know You as I am known
Could this day be the one?
Lord Jesus, come.

Words and Music by Matthew Westerholm and Josh Caterer
(c) 2007 Matthew Westerholm and Josh Caterer


jmoon said...

The lyrics sound good. I'd love to hear it!

Joshua Seller said...

I like them.
I was trying to sing it to the tune of "my bonnie lies over the ocean" but it wasn't working.

Beloved said...

SUPER. Looking forward to hearing it.

I'm liking the new blog template. Sexy.