Sunday, May 6

This weekend: a blur.

Crazy weekend. Picked up some new glasses, which are not as strong as my old ones. (Maybe I should just go cold turkey?) Getting minor headaches while playing Saturday night service, followed by some sweet hang time with Stowell. This morning (Sunday), I was up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. Rehearsal @ 8am. Service at 9. During the sermon, I drove back to my house (20 minutes) to get my computer. I then drove back to the church in time to play the closing song. Then, set up the computer to download a drum loop from a friend in Minneapolis. Played the 11:15 service. Sat through the sermon (a great msg from James on conflict from Acts 15), played the closing song. Counseled a young lady after the service. Drove straight to a recording studio to mix a project I'm finishing up. Mixed a song for 3.5 hours, drove back to the church. Played for College Ministry's year end worship and prayer night with Andi, Morty, Gordy, Dagan, Joel and Bethany. Left the service at 8:15, and went back to the studio. Tracked a final piano part for the project. Mixing tonight till (I don't know) at least 1am. Tomorrow, take Ethan to preschool, play some free golf. Pretty up a string arrangement for Andi, then take it to the Rolling Meadows campus for a 6pm recording session. Track till 8. Drive to Northfield and finish up mixing. Drive finished project to Elmhurst and deliver to client. Collapse into bed. Wake up 15 minutes later and start my work week. :-) Am I forgetting anything?

UPDATE: check out the report (with pictures!) at Andi's site.


Jennifer said...

Hey, Matt! I go to Harvest and stumbled upon your blog. This doesn't have to do with your post, but I was wondering if it's something you would like to comment on. I was talking to someone today who attends a different church but has visited Harvest a few times. He said that the worship was great, the preaching was great, but when he left he was like, "wow - - I have just been emotionally manipulated." I wish I could have said something but I was in shock. I don't remember the next 2 minutes of the conversation because I was so shocked. I have never thought that about Harvest (my husband and I have been attending for about 2 years now). What are your comments/views on people who think like this?

Matthew Westerholm said...

Wow. Well, I'd love to write something up soon. Could you help me understand what was meant (or what you understood) by "emotionally manipulated"? i.e. Was there some specific element in our service that was emotionally manipulating? Or just a general sense?

That will help me how to comment best.

Anybody else want to chime in?

Matthew Westerholm said...

back to the post, I survived! thank you, Lord.

the mixing went well; the tracking went great; and my wife is amazing.


Jennifer said...

Well, right before he made the "emotionally manipulating" comment, he said that the "lighting was great and the worship was wonderful." I don't know if because the worship was emotional that he felt like it was manipulating. . . . I wish I would have asked what he meant by that comment, but I was just too stunned to say anything. I know that we have to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, so if there is one without the other, it's out of balance. But I think Harvest definitely has both.

I'm also tempted to attend his church just to see what it is like.

I think he is pretty cynical person overall. I work with him and he's mostly negative and can find fault in just about everything. My husband and I decided that he's just a "hater" . . . .