Tuesday, May 22

New Listening - May 07

Love Divine - Vineyard U.K.

All of The Above - Hillsong United

Brooke Frasier's album. Here's a video from it:


Patrick said...


I'm really new to this songwriter/performer. I really liked the feel of the song, but found it hard to focus on the lyrics due to the creepiness of a woman's voice coming out of men's mouths.


Matthew Westerholm said...

No problem, Patrick. She's a New Zeeland-er who has written and sung songs with Hillsong United for a while. She also sings a duet on the new Tim Hughes album (Clinging To The Cross).

As far as the creepy thing goes, it didn't bug me. Maybe it should have?

Comment some more!


Patrick said...

I look forward to checking out the resources you mentioned (Hillsong and Hughes).

I don't think you should have been creeped out. That term might have been too strong. It is a powerful (and innovative) device to start with one person singing and then literally seeing those words on others' lips. It highlights that praise is being offered to God from diverse believers all around the world.

That said, I've become sensitive, possibly over sensitive, to seeing men, or male images, portrayed in a feminine way (in this case a male head with a female voice). I'm sure an argument could be made that men could sing with a high voice and still be "manly." However, it could also be argued that men in our culture have abandoned our natural distinctives, namely how we present ourself in society (strong, reasonable, tough, etc.)

Your thoughts?

Matthew Westerholm said...

Good thoughts and very well presented, Patrick. I think you hit the nail on the head with both your observations and concern.

I, personally, ascribe to a CBMW view of scripture. I think men, by and large, display a fallen form of masculinity by either being effeminate or by being overly macho. Yet again, Jesus got it right, and I'm trying to follow Him.