Friday, May 11

Intercessory Prayer: a beginner's guide

Here's something fun to do next time you do some traveling!

Step 1) At any store that you see business cards, pick up the LEAST SENIOR employee card that you can find. "Assistant to the Assistant Junior Pastor" would be awesome.

Step 2) Put three or four of these cards in your wallet.

Step 3) Fly home.

Step 4) Over the next week, whenever you go out to lunch or anyplace else, enter the cards in every drawing that you can.

Step 5) Wait for heaven.

Because my opinion is that God thinks this is hysterical. Imagine this situation.

PERSON 1: Hello, Enterprise Rent-a-car.
PERSON 2: Hello, this is Mike from Panera Bread. Is Alex there?
PERSON 1: Alex who?
PERSON 2: Alex Sinclair. He's this month's bagal winner.
PERSON 1: He's parking the economy cars. Can I have him call you back?
PERSON 2: No need. Just tell him to stop by the Panera Bread in Arlington Hts for his free bagal.
PERSON 1: Where's that?
PERSON 2: On the corner of Evergreen Road and Northwest Highway.
PERSON 1: In what city?
PERSON 2: Arlington Hts., silly.
PERSON 1: There's no Arlington Hts. around here. . .
O.K. - you're getting it. The next day, Alex gets a call from Payless Shoe Store, then Dollar General, and then Taco Bell.

Alex's boss wants to know when he went to Illinois. Alex thinks he's going to get fired. He prays to God that he doesn't.

Mission accomplished. Prayer.


Matt MacDonald said...

i literally laughed aloud when reading your latest 5-steps when travelling....for that i thank-you.

brett said...

Brilliant. I love it.

I will probably be doing this every chance I get.

Evil grin