Monday, April 2

New Believer Book Recommendations

In the comments section, please recommend ONE BOOK that you would give to a new believer (besides the bible). You may suggest more, if you'd like.

Then, please pick ONE BOOK that you would never give to a new believer.

No big essays required, people. But let's get a lot of participation on this one!


Matthew Westerholm said...

Not really fair unless I start, huh?

YES: The Holiness of God; R.C. Sproul

NO: Good Morning, Holy Spirit; Benny Hinn

go go retro said...

YES: Basic Christianity; John Stott

NO: Roberts' The Early Church Fathers (in 38 volumes)

Jeremy said...

YES: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, John Piper

NO: Absolutely Free, Zane Hodges

Cornelius said...

Living by the Book; Howard Hendricks

jmoon said...

YES: Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper (it's also a nice gateway into other meaty books)

NO: Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson, run by Tim Challies, is a nice site for critical reviews on this subject

Beloved said...

YES: The Purpose Driven Life - Warren

NO: Desiring God - Piper

(Ironically, I'm not a big fan of the "Purpose Driven" empire, and I loved Desiring God. There are a lot of great books I think every Christian should read that would scare a new believer to death. If the new believer was intellectually capable, a good early read would be The Cost of Discipleship - Bonhoeffer.)

Trey Morris said...

Yes - Case for Christ; Lee Strobel

No - Truth Dig; Sam Harris

I'd also probably stay away from any books by Danielle Steele, just because they are not very good.

La La Landon said...

YES: Mere Christianity
NO: The Book of Mormon

Joshua Jensen said...

YES: In the Footsteps of Jesus; Bruce Marchiano / The Ragamuffin Gospel; Brennan Manning

NO: as a pastor, I've had a lot of bad experiences with ladies of my congregation reading stuff from Joyce Meyer (though I confess I've never read any of her stuff personally)

Dustin Pead said...

YES: "Six Hours, One Friday" by Max Lucado

NO: anything by John M. Frame

J Crew said...

Yes: the cross-centered life by C.J. Mahaney

No: YOur best life now by Mr Osteen

Matthew Westerholm said...

Don't worry, everybody. Dustin is not a heretic.

He's just mad that I made him read a book by John M. Frame for his internship.

Apparently, his earned his degree at Liberty reading books that have pictures you can color.

(settle down, I'm just teasing back!) :-p

Susan said...

YES: (sorry I have to put two)
Purpose Driven Life
Spiritual Disciplines (DS Whitney)

NO: The Excellent Wife (I am also against the Danielle Steele books)