Sunday, April 15

Easter video

Now, I know a bunch of you readers actually go to Harvest. But some of you don't. I apologize for how much "EASTER SERVICE" talk I've been doing. This video is the last thing you'll see from me about the service.

He Lives.

A sweet song from the Graham Kendrick bag. It's on an album called "A Carnival of Praise." You heard me. A Carnival of Praise.

(Who is that handsome pianist? The one rejoicing that NO astounding piano notes can add to the finished work of Christ, nor incorrect ones subtract from it. :-)


joel smith said...

highlight video... posted on YouTube.

Matthew Westerholm said...

nice work, slugger. you knocked another one out of the park.

Trish said...

That was a cool video clip. I just had to stop and worship my heart out.