Tuesday, March 6

slow week for blogging

. . . in case you couldn't tell. I'll go CD Recommendations for $500, Alex.

Check out Steve Fee's album "BURN FOR YOU"
Check out Jeremy Riddle's album "FULL ATTENTION"

and keep your fingers crossed (and prayers coming) for Andi Rozier's new album. Very special.

Anything you'd recommend?


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Michael A. Vickers said...

For those of you with a progressive pop/rock side to you, Neal Morse (formerly of Spock's Beard) is coming out with a new album called Sola Scriptura.

It's been interesting to watch his progression (ha-ha) since leaving Spock's Beard. His faith starting showing through in his last album with them, Snow, but has really progressively (ha-ha-ha) blossomed in each of his solo albums since.

Can't wait for this one to come out.