Wednesday, March 14

Bible Pics

After explaining my daft system, some of you wanted to see pictures of the inside of my bible. I'm going to put up a couple, but first, I gotta say some things. :-)

I'm a complete idiot. Seriously. This weekend with the boys proved it yet again (btw: this is the kitchen table with Ethan's sharpie episode. I don't know if you can see it . . .) .

Sinfully, I am not a good listener. I'm not a careful thinker. Sadly, I hear what I want to hear. And that STINKS. Especially when God's talking. I need to hear His words. I need to think His thoughts. That's what this whole system is for -- it's for listening.

That said, here's the pics. Click for larger versions.


Jeremy said...


Thanks for the pictures. It looks like your bible is well read (and colored!). Also thanks for the reminder to be a listener to the Word! Keep at it!

jmoon said...

thanks! do you feel you just shared a personal part of your life with the world? :)