Thursday, February 8

New Blog Recommendation: Heart and Voice

I'd like to recommend a new blog to [retro] readers entitled Heart and Voice by Ken Boer, worship minister at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Did Ken get the title for his blog from the hymn "Come Christians Join and Sing"? (Let all with heart and voice.) Or perhaps "Rejoice the Lord is King"? (Lift up your heart, lift up your voice.) Or perhaps, cunningly, one of my favorites "When Morning Gilds the Skies" (And at your work rejoice, to sing with heart and voice.) Perhaps we'll never know.

Ken has the happy privilege of writing songs, playing piano, and providing oversight to the musicians at Covenant Life. He is a Wheaton graduate and a new husband.

Ken has the unhappy privilege of reminding people of me. The normally thoughtful David Jones and others who have met both of us have both said so. I, however, see very few resemblances and find him far kinder, wittier, and insightful.

Wish Bob Kauflin wrote everyday? Me too. I get that itch completely scratched at Heart and Voice. If you are interested in theologically informed practical worship writing, visit Ken's blog often. I know I will.


Ken Boer said...

Thanks Matthew. Very kind of you.

Kyle said...

Hey Matt,

I was out at Covenant Life this past week, and had the pleasure of meeting Ken. There were times when he was leading worship that I could have sworn it was Josh (your brother).

Funny, huh?


Matthew Westerholm said...

This has to be Mr. Holder, right?

That's pretty high praise for both Ken and Josh.