Friday, February 9

Humiliating situation: the good type

This post will be more complicated than most. Can you handle that? I'm pretty complicated. Want proof?

  1. I was talking to a lady in our church a couple of weeks ago, and told her that I played the piano at the church. Her face lit up, which made me feel great.
  2. She mentioned that her brother-in-law is a fairly well-known church musician in Nashville.
  3. Being the well-connected "in the know" guy that I am, I said that I admired her brother-in-law and the ministry that he does for the kingdom.
  4. She came back this Sunday and told me that her brother-in-law had never heard of me.
  5. I was hurt.
Well, it took me a minute to figure out point five. At first, I thought that she was being rude in telling me this. Next, I thought that her brother-in-law should have heard of me - and was sort of a jerk to have forgotten.

Then, it sort of dawned on me that I am pretty forgettable. Wonderfully so. As a worship guy at a church, I don't want people to know my name. I want them to know the Name above all names. One lady's face beamed when she found out who I was, and that inflated my pride. The Lord was good to help me deflate pride in the exact same way.

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