Tuesday, February 20

Jammed Bands

My friends just showed me a link to a band called "Metalliger". Basically, it's a Metallica cover band with a Gallager impersonator as a frontman. What a great concept, I thought. Then my friends and I started riffing.

System of A Downey, Junior
: Hear "Chop Suey" sung as only Charlie Chaplin could!

Paula Abdul Jabar: singing "Straight Up", WAAAAY up. All 7-foot-2-inches of lead singer Kareem Abdul Jabar sings Paula Abdul's greatest hits! Both of them!

Any you can add?


edit: new ones.

AC/DC Winans: Back in Black! This hard rock cover band features Christian Soultrain darlings BeBe and CeCe Winans!

Nat King Coldplay: English rock never sounded so "Unforgettable"!

Minnie Pearl Jam: ... well, either you get this one or you don't.

U2-pac: hear new songs, like "Where the Streetz are Deathrow"!

Reliant K(ay) Arthur: ... alright. This one might be just silly.

Barry Whitesnake: (which would be better, Barry White singing Whitsnake songs, or Whitesnake singing Barry White songs?)

Cypress Hillary Duff:

A-HA Zsa Gabor:

Ludacris Kristofferson

Patrick SwaZee Z Top:

Abba The Hut: "Dancing Queen Amidala" (check the photo)


they keep coming!

Sixpence None the Richard Pryor:


Brett said...

Catherine J. S. Bach - Country Classical or Classical Country

Brett said...

Duke Rugby Ellington -
Take A(ny_ Train (out of Durham)
Don't Get Around Much (to parties) Anymore
It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't DNA Proof)

Brett said...

Quincy Pac-Man Jones

featuring the hits:

One Hundred Ways (to Get Arrested)
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Like a new NFL rule)
Just Once (Can We Find a Way to Stay Out of Trouble?)

Kyle said...

Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
Marmaduke Ellington
Washington DC Talk
Charlie Hall of the Mountain King
Johnny Cash Register
Captain Kirk Franklin

Just a few...

Star Wars [Retro] said...

don't forget Abba the Hutt (with photo)

Matthew Westerholm said...

Make sure you are getting it: it's a musical group (or artist) combined with an unlikely person to perform their music.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Kanye West Montgomery