Friday, January 26

Prayer: Liberty University Spiritual Emphasis Week

Please pray for me and our team as we lead worship and minister at Liberty University for their Spiritual Emphasis week.

Please pray for our team (by name, if possible): Andi Rozier, Luke MacDonald, Meredith Andrews, Aaron Mortenson, Gordon Persha, Dagan Nolan, Dustin Pead, Lindsay MacCaul, and Landon MacDonald.

Apart from me, you can do nothing. - Jesus


Trish said...

I'll be praying.

Matthew Westerholm said...

praise the Lord for an answer to prayer, trish. 30 came forward tonight to accept christ. bless you for the part you played.

Trish said...

This is so cool because I've been busy but still trying to keep a rythmn of people stuff and solitude going, and I totally prayed for power and wisdom to prevail and enjoyed my time with the Lord. Sola Deo Gloria.