Tuesday, January 9

New Year, New Stuff

January brings new things. Some of my favorites:

New CD: The new Matt Redman album is VERY, VERY GOOD. It's silly that one man can write songs this well. The album represents a definite step forward for everyone's favorite (favourite) song writer as far as musical and sonic direction as well. I'm still partial to "FACEDOWN", but that may be because of my very personal involvement on the CD and DVD.

New Shirts: My brother always gets me the best Christmas gift. (Sorry to the rest of my family and friends, but it's true.) This year, he got me a Threadless shirt. You are going to thank me so much for telling you this: GO BUY A SHIRT FROM THEIR WEBSITE THIS MINUTE. You will be the coolest person you know.

New Friends: I'm hanging out for the next two weeks with Dave Bullock and the dB network band, doing some itinerant ministry in the south. It's nice *not* to be in charge sometimes, and it will be interesting to see how they do events like this.

New Posts: like this one! Thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite new things?


Andrew Birchwood said...

Speaking of new things, I myself have joined the officious world of eBlogging, leaving Myspace behind.
Come give a guy a read once in a while and leave some friendly/witty comments.
Yours in Educationland,
Dave J.

Andrew Birchwood said...

Add to the list of new things in your life a new (old) friend in blogworld: Dave Jennings.
Can we be friends?

Michael said...

How about some new blogs I've been reading recently?

The Heidelblog

Morris said...

I was at Hilton Head for the Shepherding conference and enjoyed your work. Thanks for leading us in worship.