Monday, January 29

LIberty update: Monday evening

A pretty good evening.

Great: About 30 students came forward to accept Christ.

Good: Music went better than this morning. The students were much more open to what we doing.

Strange: the kids don't bring their bible to chapel (not all, but definitely most). The chapel leader told us that they normally just put the scripture on the powerpoint, but doesn't that lose something?
afterwards: Bill Cosby on Leno. Hilarious. That man . . . pure genius.

POLL: Do you bring your bible to church? All the time? Sometimes? Rarely? Never?

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Trish said...

I bring my Bible to church and take notes but i feel peer pressure not to. I like bringing my Bible to bridge the continuity between my sermon note-taking and my private devotions. But to be more frank, I like to check out the context for myself because sometimes preachers springboard from a verse to say what they want to say instead of what the Holy Spirit inspired the author to say in his historical context.