Wednesday, November 29

[retro] goes clubbing with Josh Caterer

Josh Caterer has been one of my best friends for almost five years. He is one of the most genuine believers I have ever met. We've served in church together, ministered at conferences, watched each other's kids, joined the same smallgroup, and co-written songs.

I've played some keyboard parts for his old band, Duvall, on their Asianman Records Christmas album, O Holy Night.

He's playing (and I'm helping) a show this Friday night at a cool downtown club, the Hideout. You can get tickets here.

The show will be an acoustic tribute to long-time country legend George Jones.

Why would a church pianist and a bonified rock star pay tribute to a long-time country legend? It must be heard to be understood.

The concert is part of Josh's on-going tributes to old-time country musicians, before country was cool.

Come say "hello".

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