Wednesday, November 22

Hymns CD available to pre-order

My new hymn album is just about out . . . but you can pre-order it from harvestsongs. It will ship the first week in December.

track listing:
1. come, christians, join to sing
2. fairest Lord Jesus
3. may Jesus Christ be praised
4. my Jesus, i love thee
5. give me Jesus
6. praise to the Lord, the almighty
7. what a friend we have in Jesus
8. here is love
9. oh, how i love Jesus
10. nothing but the blood of Jesus
11. where You there?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

id really appreciate it if,
1. every time you release an album you tell me personally.
2. youd write more props4pops on the subject of your choosing.
3. we have a conversation on the greatness of the new beatles album.